“Tamara has done several macro edits on manuscripts I’ve sent to her including Adventures in Churchland by Dan Kimball and On the Verge by Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson. She is able to refine existing manuscripts and really draw out the author’s intentions, and she can take on tough projects as well, helping the writer improve through good suggestions and appropriate revisions.”

Ryan Pazdur
Associate Publisher & Executive Editor
Zondervan | An Imprint of HarperCollins Christian Publishing

“Tamara helped me with several long-form essays, giving me specific comments on everything from structure, tightening, line edits and even word choice. One of the worst things about leaving the freelance life for a staff gig was not having her input on my pieces anymore! She is as good as it gets.”

Ross Andersen
Deputy Editor
Aeon Magazine

“Tamara quickly became my right-hand person on creating content and editing our corporate blog [during my time at ODesk]. She created some of our most viral, high-traffic pieces and kept the writing team organized and on-track. She was a creative partner and trustworthy editor; and I look forward to working with her again at some point!”

Erica Benton
Social Media Strategist & Manager

“Tamara’s work with the Youth Mobilization Team at World Vision with our new program on  child trafficking and exploitation was simply extraordinary. She was primarily responsible for writing the curriculum. Not only is her quality of writing excellent, but she naturally adopted the appropriate voice, tone, and language to make the program both youth specific and consistent with World Vision’s voice. The writing required working with multiple team members with copy, layout, and approvals. Tamara is a collaborative writer and works at a high quality level, very efficiently, and with a wonderfully receptive disposition.”

– Leah Swindon
Executive Director of Church Relations
World Vision

“Tamara is very creative and able to turn ordinary subjects into stories that are not only compelling, but a pleasure to read. Also, I’m always impressed with her ability to generate extremely high-quality copy, even under tight deadlines.”

Elizabeth Gordon
Partner & Public Relations Specialist
House Communications

“Tamara always met her deadlines and quickly became known among our staff as ‘the writer,’ as she was hands down the best writer [at Outreach] magazine. She is actually the best writer I’ve ever worked with throughout my 20 years of professional publishing. Tamara crafts sentences and is a true wordsmith … In addition to overseeing the [book and movie] review section, Tamara wrote features, managed columnists, edited articles and selected book excerpts that she then edited into stand-alone articles … She’s just someone you want on your team.”

– Lindy Lowry
(Formerly Senior Editor of Outreach)