11 Easy DIY Chairs for a Home Decor Friendly Project

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11 Easy DIY Chairs for a Home Decor Friendly Project

It’s the weekend. You’ve washed your car, walked the dogs, and trimmed the lawn.  If you are a workaholic and can’t stay in one place, then starting an apartment improvement project is the thing to do. And don’t worry; even if you don’t have a lot of woodworking experience, there are tons of easy and quick DIY projects that you can try. For instance, you can build your very own chair and brag about your carpenter skills in no time! Just check out these 11 Chairs for a home décor friendly project, roll your sleeves up, and get to work.

Hammock chair

Source: stowecraft.com

There’s no better way to lay back and forget about all your problems than in a comfy and beautiful hammock chair. And yes, you can make it yourselves. A good quality canvas, rope, and a strong dowel are some of the essentials. Get a drill and a sewing machine, and let your imagination run wild.

Pallet chair

Source: instructables.com

This is an easy project and a very affordable one too. You will need only 2 Euro pallets, four leg boards, two arm boards, and some padding. Be sure to remove any nails and clean the pallets before using the table saw to sand them. It is very important since your legs and arms will rest on the chair, and you don’t want to get scratched.  Using wood screws connect the pallets to get the base for the chair. Use any leftover 2x4s to make the seat pallet stronger, and only then attach the legs from the outside. Get a thick chair pad, place it on the seat and you are good to go!

Knitted chair

Source: donnawalker.org

Give your old aluminum chairs a chic look by simply changing their webbing. Get rid of the old webbing and use different color macramé cord and paracord to make a knitted canvas. Wrap and weave the cords into a geometric pattern for an even fancier look.

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Mongolian stool

Source: etsystatic.com

You probably have one of those small stools sitting around your house. Well, now is the time to give them the makeover of a lifetime. If you don’t like the stool’s color, just spray it with a color you like and go on to the next step. Get either a sheepskin or a Mongolian lamb cushion cover and place the stool on top of its underside. Fold the sheepskin across the underside of the stool and thread it. Simple and neat!

Suitcase chair

Source: pinimg.com

Instead of throwing your grandma’s suitcase out, turn it into a nice vintage chair. Add four legs on the lower side of the suitcase. Then, open the suitcase and add a piece of plywood inside. Finally, place foam or pillows on the plywood and you are done.

Kilim rag chair


There is something so attractive about those kilim rags, don’t you agree? Well, get your staple gun ready and turn your old chair into a real statement piece!

Bookshelf chair

Source: thisiswhyimbroke.com

Out of the many chairs for a home décor friendly project, this must be everyone’s favorite. Add a couple of shelves to a pallet chair, or to the chair you love reading into. Get your favorite book out and enjoy.

Wingback chair


Source: scene7.com

Need to take your dining room up a notch? The simplest way to do it is by making the classic wingback chair. An apartment improvement is classy, neat and just as good as an expensive makeover.

Bean bag chair

Source: thisiswhyimbroke.com

For a giant chair that kids will adore, get 6 yards of 60″ wide fabric that you like, for the cover and the same amount of fabric that’s inexpensive, for the insert. Get a hold of a long zipper and sew it onto the cover. Place the cover on the insert, and your comfy chair is ready.

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Tire chair

Source: redd.it

Get that old tire that’s been sitting in the back of your trunk for months and turn it into a great chair. Either color the tire or wrap it around with a rope for a rustic feel. Add a cushion in the center, and that’s it.

Five more incredible ideas

In case these ideas were not really down your alley, you can also check out one of these easy to make DIY chairs. The gorgeous Macramé chair, for example, only takes two hula hoops and macramé to get made. An even easier project is the Tree Stump Stool, made out of wood stumps, plywood, and cushions.

Another great idea that’s worth mentioning is the stool made out of 2x4s. And what do you say about making some rubber hose chairs? We say it is a great way of reusing what you have, to create something modern and usable. And the last one on the list, the minimalist chair. This project will ask minimum effort and get you maximum satisfaction.


We hope these apartment improvement ideas will come in handy next time you are doing a DIY project.

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