What I’m Into | May 2014

What I’m Into | May 2014

So, I sort of missed the “What I’m Into: April” linkup … by a mile. (Okay, let’s just admit I wasn’t feeling well and it was never going to happen.) And I nearly missed blogging in May altogether. But I just couldn’t let another month slip by without checking in …


Insurgent and Allegiant by Veronica Roth | So, Leigh Kramer encouraged me to stick with the Divergent Series, and I’m glad I did. While I gotta say Insurgent (the middle book of the trilogy) was my favorite, I did like the unconventional plot twist in Allegiant—no spoilers in the comments!—and found myself highlighting several profound thoughts in this book on forgiveness and woundedness and other deep topics (no, for real). A taste: “Sometimes I think I have forgiven her. Sometimes I’m not certain I have. I don’t know—that’s like asking how you continue on with your life after someone dies. You just do it, and the next day you do it again.” (I know, right?)

And that’s about as far as I got, despite my intentions to read a few other books in May. It was a ridiculously light reading month, just like the last time I checked in, which I blame completely on Party of Five. (See below.)


Party of Five, Seasons 1-4 | I have nothing to say in my defense, except that I just love this show, and while I binged the first four seasons, I plan on savoring the final two. I just love it. I love to make fun of it. I love to get mad at it. I just love the Salingers, even when I don’t love the Salingers. There’s a lot of nostalgia in it for me. I was engaged when the show first started, a newlywed in its heyday, and having babies as it was ending. So the clothes, the music, even reliving my reactions to the plot lines the second time around … it’s all a walk down memory lane and back to simpler times. But rewatching it also offers a lot of laughs. For instance, the Salingers insert … a lot of … awkward … pauses. And the Salingers repeat themselves. (A lot.)

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In fact, I’ve compiled a list of lines I’m certain are in almost every episode, and I’m sharing it here just for the amusement of my fellow Party of Five fans. (I’m looking at you Andee Zomerman and Chelsea Nazarian—and also Leigh Kramer, but she’s already getting forty shout outs in this post, so who are we kidding.)

Charlie: “Not now, Claud.”

Bailey: “Where the hell is [insert missing sibling’s name here]?” (To be fair, this is also Charlie’s other favorite thing to say.)

Julia: “God, Bay!”

Claudia: *lips tremble*

And honestly, it’s hard looking back now (from the year 2014) not to notice that a family cell phone (or two) in seasons 1 through 3 of Party of Five would have eliminated 70% of the subplots, but this was the 90s, guys. This was pre-smartphone era. I mean, there is actually an episode in season 2 where Bailey mentions getting “that email thing” and Charlie considers buying a cell phone but finds a beeper more useful. In another episode (season 3), Sarah discovers the joy of online chat rooms and has to explain the meaning of “ROFL” to Bailey. I mean, Party of Five contains everything sweet and endearing about the cusp of the digital age. (Like how ugly the shoes were and how you could never get a hold of people once they left the house for the day and how it’s a miracle Owen Salinger survived his childhood.)


Okay, so all you really need to know is that I listened to a lot of Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams last month. Because I needed happy songs. And if you doubt the joy those two can put into your day, just play their duet: “Brand New” (Because you can’t beat a song that includes one of the most famous Brady Bunch lines there is, second only to “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.” I mean, that quitters and winners stuff is just gold in a happy song, friends, whether Pharrell intended it to be or not.)

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My daughter and I did not regret making this cheesecake (although I swapped out the frozen strawberry puree for fresh), and if you like delicious, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it either.

I also couldn’t get enough of flowers. No really … I took picture after picture after picture. I found so much joy in getting up close to these lovely blooms. (And in getting my iPhone camera too cooperate and focus properly for once!) Spring has never seemed more beautiful than this year. Maybe it’s living in Washington or maybe it’s just that my life is slow enough that I have time to notice. Either way, it’s been an amazing way to enter the summer.

I am also getting really into the art of drinking my coffee (or tea) slowly and at the table … or in a comfy chair with nothing on the telly. Not in a rush on my way to the shower. Or absent-mindedly while checking emails or Twitter. No. Just me. And the hot cup of delight. (Plus a kid or two needing clean socks or permission to eat Chex Mix—depending on the time of day.) It really does taste better when you slow down.

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