Because She Blogs: Stephanie Day

Because She Blogs: Stephanie Day

Golden Threads by Stephanie Day

golden threads


It’s a huge thrill for me to start this series with my long-time friend Stephanie Day of Golden Threads: Savoring the Bright Spots. Steph and I first met eleven or twelve years ago—as far as I can figure it—and over fun times and hard times and huge life changes for us both she’s become such a precious friend to me. Of the bloggers I’m featuring, Steph is the newest to the proverbial table, but her voice is fresh and I can attest to the fact that you’re seeing the sincere heart of the woman my family has grown to love in these posts.

stephSo, who is she? Stephanie Day is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University who has spent the last 16 years working in ministry to kids, young adults and families. As the bio on her blog states, she enjoys fresh food, new places, good design, natural beauty, smart humor and kind words, and I can personally attest to her ability to make even the most ordinary meal or get-together feel like a celebration. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Stephanie now lives in Southern California with her amazing husband and two adorable children.


Me: What made you want to start blogging?

Stephanie: Up until last year, I had a job that allowed me to speak regularly to teenage audiences, mentor young adults and build healthy teams. I miss those things, but this new season is a sweet one. It’s about being home with my kids full-time and building into our home. Blogging gives me an outlet for sharing my insights and stories in a way that has influence outside of these 1700 square feet. It reminds me of things I’ve learned (or am struggling to learn), connects me to other perspectives and inspires me all over again.

Me: What would you like to offer your readers?

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Stephanie: I’m convinced that there are golden threads woven into every season of life. I hope to find spiritual connections in everyday life and to motivate readers to find them too. I want to encourage others to evaluate their lives and find meaning and goodness in what they do—to draw out the salt and the light. To find the bright spots.

I want to inspire readers toward new practices and learn from them as they join the conversation.

Me: What gives you HOPE in your day-to-day life?

Redemption is always possible. 
Beauty is not that hard to find. 
An iced latte with two raw sugars.


MY FAVORITE POST: My favorite of Steph’s posts happens to be about the loss of her mother to breast cancer and how she is learning to find the good despite life’s suffering. It shows so much of Steph’s heart and her story and is a must read. It’s called Trials That Change Your Fabric.


The season I find myself in now has a whole lot less sleep and no trips to Paris so far. But, it has more intimate and sweet moments than any one I’ve lived yet. It is a chapter that I longed for and now that I’m in it, I realize that like every other season, it’s full of both great and hard things. The illusion is that there is a best season and once we get there, it will last. That’s the thing about seasons, they change. We savor the sweet ones and we push through the hard ones, but neither lasts forever.

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