What I’m Into | March 2014

What I’m Into | March 2014

Taking a break each month with the amazing Leigh Kramer to participate in her What I’m Into linkup is one of the most fun things I’ve done as a blogger—I highly recommend it!


Divergent by Veronica Roth | So, I’m just gonna be honest and say, I’ve been tip-toeing through this one a little each night and it is just not grabbing me. I don’t find this particular dystopia very interesting, but I’m determined to finish.

Girl at the End of the World by Elizabeth Esther | Well, technically, this one was not on my Kindle. I got the real paper and ink thing signed by Elizabeth herself and wrote this review all about it. Unlike Divergent, this one sucked me in! You can read my full review here.

Oddly, this was a light-reading month. I blame that on an all-consuming work project and being sick for most of the month. I guess you could say this month I was ACTUALLY into Nyquil and early bedtimes.


The Voice, Season 6 | I’m really glad Shakira and Usher are back. I liked Christina and Cee-Lo—who could be entertaining in their own ways, of course—but this chemistry feels right. (Have they finished the Battle Rounds? I wouldn’t know … we’re about four episodes behind!)

Resurrection, Season 1 | I’m pretty certain that like other mysterious sci-fi shows (Awake, anyone?), this one won’t get a second season, and therefor, we might never know why these people came back from the dead. Or (like Awake) we might get a rushed, unsatisfying one-episode explanation after cancellation that was never what the writers intended. However, I’m hooked anyway. It’s like a piece of chocolate, calling to me from the cupboard. Eventually it’ll be gone, and I’ll regret indulging … but I’ll just keep nibbling until that day.

House of Cards, Season 2 | How could I have left this off the first draft of this post?! We didn’t binge watch, despite the temptation, and it was worth savoring. I won’t give spoilers, but da-a-ang …

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Usher | Okay, so I blame The Voice, but I am in a major Usher (old Usher) mood. All the classics—like “Confessions Pt. 2” and “U Got It Bad” … Come on. These songs are sung from his gut. Who else can tell a woman his “chick on the side got one on the way” and actually sound endearing? I mean, really. Wanna hear him break up with you and still make you want to sing along? “Burn”

Fleetwood Mac | We dug up our Rumours album on vinyl after American Horror Story featured so much Stevie Nicks this season, and it’s been getting a ton of play. If you don’t know much Fleetwood Mac, try this oldie featured in a recent Bank of America ad: “Never Going Back Again”

Clearly, I wasn’t into anything new as far as music this past month, but sometimes you just need to hear songs you know every note of and sing along with all your heart. Sometimes predictability is the greatest comfort.


camelliaMy son and I cannot get enough of Stacy’s Pita Crisps—sorta like the original chips, but lighter. Oh, heaven.

And who wouldn’t love the white camellias that surprised us in our garden this spring, pictured here? It’s the fun of living in a new home the first year and seeing what the yard already offers.

In keeping with the beauty of spring, I was also so pleased that the potted pansies I put on my patio last fall have come back in all their dark orange and deep purple glory, even fuller and thicker than they were in the fall.

Spring carries a particular sort of magnificence—a reminder that second chances can often be better than beginnings!

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