Guest Post: Shine (from Beauty in All Things)

Guest Post: Shine (from Beauty in All Things)

I’m so pleased that my first guest post is from my “in real life” friend of over a decade, the lovely and talented Alison of Beauty in All Things. She’s an amazing, strong woman and I’ve watched her weather some of life’s darkest storms with more grace than I’ll ever know. A single mother and an inspiring creative—you guys, in her past life she designed interiors for W Hotels!—she is a great woman of hope and faith.


img_1162There it was, exactly how he pictured it. The top of the line, shiny, wood-trimmed and blue. A gift from grandpa for his third birthday. The trike of a life time.  Grandpa went to several stores to get the right “boy-blue” color and this three-wheeled wonder cost more than my first bike! Sure enough, he was a wiz on this trike and could finally keep up with his big brother and sister. That year, he even won our town’s local bike race in his division. It was a wonderful gift.

The other day I walked outside and looked at that trike. Three years later it is well worn. Sun bleached from days in the yard, one wheel is wobbly ready to fall off, and rusty on the handles. My baby still gets on it from time to time, but now he is a big boy. No trike, no training wheels. I was sad for that trike today. It has faded from its past glory. I started thinking I should try to shine it up.

The last three years have been as hard on our family as on the trike, and I find myself in many ways sun-scorched, wobbly, and covered in rust. I have held on tight to Jesus. I have focused on a small safe group of friends not wanting to answer questions on how I was doing or what was going on in my life with my larger community. I feared that if I was too involved I would need to tell everyone what was going on every second. Or lie by not sharing what was going on with everyone I met. I am learning now that I can just tell people I don’t want to talk about it, but I still have a long way to go. Somehow in this process, in these years, I also started to get covered up.

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Now I can almost hear Jesus saying, “I want to shine you up.” (I want that Lord. I want it so much. Shine me up!)

So often I have wanted my life to be different. To be easier. I know from the Bible that an easy life is not equivalent to good a life and neither is a hard life equivalent to a bad one. Paul says he found the secret to being content in all circumstances. But I want to shine.

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Matthew tells us to let our light shine …

What light? The light of Christ in you.
Why should it shine? So that people can see what Christ does through you and praise Him.

And for the first time in my life I get it. I want to shine, not so my life will be easier, but so that people may praise Him.


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